• Shape the Future
    Shape the Future
    AESQ Strategy Group is delivering improved quality and $50M industry cost savings.
  • Drive Innovation
    Drive Innovation
    SAE ITC’s programs leverage expertise and resources in automotive, aerospace and other highly engineered industries.
  • Good Input = Good Output
    Good Input = Good Output
    Sharing industry best practices while protecting intellectual property allows all participants to succeed.
  • Solve the Hard Problems
    Solve the Hard Problems
    SAE ITC provides a legal framework for organizations to collaborate on industry challenges and opportunities.
  • Get Traction
    Get Traction
    Proven processes and platforms allow industry programs to get up to speed quickly without reinventing the wheel.
  • Lead the Way
    Lead The Way
    Empower global company participation and adoption through industry events, meetings, and technical conferences.

SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC)

Standards are all around us. The car we drive, the smartphone we use to communicate, the house we live in – all were made possible by hundreds and sometimes thousands of technical standards for reliability, safety and interoperability. These standards require the cooperation of many different individuals and organizations to be developed.

But development of the standard alone is not sufficient. True industry impact is achieved with adoption of the standard throughout operations and the supply chain to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase competitiveness. SAE ITC enables new or existing consortia to successfully impact their industry through widespread adoption. Existing SAE ITC programs demonstrate how specific industry challenges can be addressed collaboratively, cost-effectively and without compromising IP.

SAE ITC provides the resources and services for public and private organizations to collaborate in a neutral forum to drive innovative solutions to key industry challenges. By providing a comprehensive legal framework for pre-competitive collaboration along with a full suite of strategic and operational services, SAE ITC can help a new or existing program or consortia quickly impact their industry.

Collaborative Communities

SAE ITC is where industry comes together to address shared needs and opportunities.

Smart Connections

SAE ITC connects key stakeholders to drive standards, technologies, innovation, and best practices.

Trusted Data Resources

SAE ITC provides proven platforms for sharing information in a secure environment.

Impactful Innovation

SAE ITC provides solutions that reduce costs, improve quality, and increase competitiveness.


SAE ITC is an affiliate of SAE International. Its mission is to provide means for organizations to connect, collaborate, and positively impact global industries through precompetitive solutions, trusted resources, and innovative technologies. Its vision is to be a global leader in consortia based collaborative tools and services for highly technical industries’ operations and supply chain, especially automotive and aerospace.


Connected Collaborative Organizations Transform Industry

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