Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium (AMDC)

About the SAE Aerospace Materials Specifications - Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium (SAE AMS-AMDC)


The SAE AMS-AMDC is forming to develop pedigreed additive manufactured material property data which meets the requirements for including in industry accepted databases and serves as a basis for generating specification minima for international standards, specifically SAE Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS). AMS support the certification of aerospace critical parts by protecting the integrity of material property data and providing traceability within the supply chain. Industry consensus specifications for additive manufacturing of aerospace parts are an enable for the migration from part qualification to material qualification. Key principles addressed by AMS specifications include:

  • Establishing appropriate requirements and controls to ensure quality and consistency of final product
  • Providing statistically derived specification minimum values for the purchase of consistent material and the validation of AM processes
  • Enabling public material property databases with verifiable pedigree
  • Promoting the fabrication of consistently repeatable AM parts

In order for structural parts produced by AM processes to move from point design to material qualification, the materials and processes used to manufacture AM components must be under documented control. SAE’s AMS-AM Committee is developing a series of feedstock material and AM processing specifications required to support regulations governing the certification of aircraft. An integral part of specification development is deriving specification minimum values for the acceptance of feedstock material and the qualification of AM processes.

SAE AMS-AMDC can both create new pedigreed additive manufactured material property data as well as independently assess and incorporate data created and owned by organization willing to share it. The consortium invites membership from across the value chain – OEMs, government agencies, feedstock providers, service bureaus, heat treatment, certified test labs, and material data institutions.


To become an internationally trusted source of statistically generated additive manufactured material property data for support of industry standards and Members engineering design functions.


Provide a global neutral collaborative forum for organizations in aerospace and other safety critical industries to convene and mutually support an agreed upon method for generating pedigreed additive manufactured material property data which meets the requirements for inclusion in industry accepted databases and serves as a basis for generating specification minima for international standards.

The Program Value Proposition

Through shared contributions of materials and services necessary to generate additive manufacturing design data, the Members of the Program can share the costs of development in a fair and economic way, thus removing a significant barrier to the creation of international standards and advancement of additive manufactured materials. The Program enables the Members to achieve collective benefits of access to and validation of information that no single organization could do as cost effectively on its own.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAE AMS-AMDC limited to additively manufactured metals?

The Consortium is not limited to metals. Consortium members will determine priorities

Is participation in SAE AMS-AMDC limited to companies in the United States?

The Consortium is not limited to the U.S. international participation is desired and SAE AMS-AMDC already has members from outside the U.S.

Are only aerospace companies invited to participate in SAE AMS-AMDC?

The Consortium is not limited to the aerospace industry, but AMS grade materials are the target. Industry stakeholder groups can form to prioritize their needs.

How do I learn more about participating in the SAE Aerospace Material Specifications committee?

Complete a Committee Participation Request form at

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