The IBIS Open Forum Releases the IBIS Version 7.0 Specification with Enhanced Modeling for Serial Links and Electronic Package and IC Die Interconnections

I/O Buffer Information Specification

The IBIS Open Forum has approved Version 7.0 of IBIS (I/O Buffer Information Specification). IC developers will now be able to supply behavioral I/O models representing package and on-die interconnect on very high speed digital ICs using Touchstone and IBIS-ISS (IBIS Interconnect Spice Subcircuits). Also new to IBIS is "back-channel" link training protocol support in IBIS-AMI serial link models. With version 7.0 IBIS-AMI models, the time domain training sequence of SerDes buffers implementing automated dynamic link training can be simulated. The feature also allows models for “static” SerDes buffer designs to help system designers by automating the search for optimum buffer control settings. The new IBIS includes a number of other improvements, offering a significant upgrade to IBIS version 6.1.

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