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The development and introduction of Electric Vehicles (EVs) represents another exciting chapter in the realization of advanced and sustainable mobility and the benefits this will bring to people around the world. SAE International and some of the auto industry's leading companies are stepping forward!

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SAE ITC enables organizations in multiple mobility-related sectors to collectively define, develop, and  implement leading-edge technologies through neutral, precompetitive forums and collaborative technical communities. Relevant consortia:

EV-PKI (Electric Vehicle Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)): organized to field a protocol-neutral EV charging PKI platform.

SCORE (Supply Chain of Recovered Elements): formed to build fully-capable supply chains for domestic sourcing and production of critical minerals from industrial waste streams.

EVPRO+ (Electrified Transportation Pro+): established to provide a comprehensive EV standards-driven training program (ground, air, sea) as well as the training, assessments, instructor qualification, personnel certification, resources, and promotional outreach activities.

VRUSC (Vulnerable Road User Safety Consortiumâ„¢): where top global micromobility and vehicle OEMs are working together to make roads safer for all road users. 

AVSC (Automated Vehicle Safety Consortiumâ„¢) has newest best practice release titled Developing ADS Safety Performance Thresholds Based on Human Driving Behavior. This best practice outlines a process for leveraging human driving data to establish safety performance targets for automated driving system-dedicated vehicles (ADS-DV) behaviors.

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Session Info: September 19 - 21, 2023
Format: In person
Location: Schaumburg, Illinois