International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (IAMTS)


A global, membership-based alliance of organizations involved in the testing, standardization and certification of advanced mobility systems and services.


To develop and grow an international portfolio of smart mobility testbeds that meet the highest quality implementation and operational standards.

Value Proposition

Obtain unbiased evaluations of the capabilities of smart mobility testbeds

Identify global experts that provide services to design, build, operate and utilize smart mobility testbeds

Bring together testbed users and operators at a global scale to help develop a commonly accepted framework of regulations, test scenarios, validation and certification methods, and terminology

Access a big data pool for AV testing captured at the registered testbeds of IAMTS

April 12, 2019

The International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization launches at SAE WCX World Congress Experience in Detroit
SAE International has joined China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), TÜV SÜD, Shanghai SH Intelligent Automotive and International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) as charter members of the new Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (IAMTS).  IAMTS is founded with the mission “to develop and grow an international portfolio of advanced mobility testbeds that meet the highest quality implementation and operational standards.”  ... Read More


Founding entities with global reach:


IAMTS will carefully select the providers of membership services, define applicable registration and qualification processes and approvals, and define process for regular review and confirmation based on customer feedback and performance. Contact information of registered and approved service providers will be made available via a database to the members.

An important aspect of the membership model is to provide opportunities to Members to become a service provider as well as to provide incentives to corporate Members to utilize services through the Alliance. Below is an overview about the membership services that are contemplated for IAMTS.  Get involved today to help prioritize, define and develop the qualification processes for these services.

  • AV verification & validation methods
  • Mobility related rules & regulations
  • Testbed design
  • Optimization of testbed operations
  • Development of AV test programs
  • User/Operator pairing recommendations
Data Analytics
  • Access to mobility testbed data base
  • Access to testbed big data pool
  • Specific data queries
  • Access to test facilities with specified capabilites at preferred conditions
  • Access to auditors that can certify vehicles, infrastructure or testbeds
  • Involvement in pre-competitive R&D projects through IAMTS partnerships
  • Conferences and demonstratons


IAMTS (International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization)

March 2019
Authors: Dr. Joachim Taiber, CTO International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) and CEO Taiber Group, Liujun Zhang, Executive Assistant International Projects TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH, Business Unit Automotive 

Excerpt: Testing vehicles for SAE Automation Level 4 and 5 requires a new approach how the vehicles are being tested because the responsibility to control the vehicle is handed over from a human being to a machine. The key challenge is to replicate Operational Design Domains (ODD’s) in physical testbeds (whether in closed or open test environments) that fit to the driving capabilities of the Automated Driving System (ADS) to be tested. In order to simulate a specific ODD in a virtual environment, it is important to capture data from the real world environment being simulated such as road or  building information in sufficient precision.

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