OctonX™ Newsletter #1

OctonX™ Newsletter #1

Why OctonX™

We believe in collaboration and want to make positive progress in a challenging world. We look for things to work better, more efficiently and enable the adoption of new technologies globally. We are not satisfied with status quo. People came to us because they also believe what we believe

How OctonX

There are X activities of the OctonX. It can be scaled and flexed in future years to be 8 of what we need to emphasize. Someday maybe 8 X-es will represent 8 consortia programs. X can represent geographic areas and sectors of operation: Geographic areas Europe, Americas, Asia/Indio/Pacific, and Africa/Middle East. X can represent various sectors of operation: Space/Aerospace, Land-based (Trains/Rails, Automotive/Trucking), Maritime, and Software/Data Management. The name is easy to pronounce and sounds very international. We defined 8 areas of our focus. The areas can be connected to 8 sides of Octagon. Every side of Octagon is corresponding with our focus. The name of geometric form is shortened to Octon with addition X which makes OctonX.

What OctonX

When Why is clear, what is easy! What OctonX is meant to do is to establish Consortia and working groups which will consist of various companies and organizations to work on common industry projects. It will provide a neutral forum which is required if various companies work together to solve common problem or to reach common goal. The result of such cooperation could be a new industry standard. Sometimes it is required to organize a conference or seminar/webinar to spread the knowledge or create a database to make key information more discoverable, accessible, searchable and usable while also keeping it secure.    

Who OctonX

The origin of Name OctonX:

Name OctonX is based on octagon. The symbol was designed to represent the spirit of the generalist, who can bring out the best in specialists. Generalists are often undervalued because the world usually places a premium on specific problem-solving skills, rather than the abilities required to consider a problem in a broader context. Unfortunately, generalists are sometimes described as people who have never had the fortitude to master a specialized discipline. We see that both generalists who work well at a continuity of process and system level and specialists who bring deep technical knowledge are needed to solve the toughest problems. An octagon is an excellent symbol for a group composed of highly creative, technically competent people; therefore the symbol of octagon is selected to represent the spirit of the company and the people who work together on the projects.

For more information and to become a part of the OctonX initiatives, please contact Marijan Jozic at Marijan.Jozic@sae-itc.org

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