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Create and manage an inclusive framework for secure digital trust across the electric mobility PKI ecosystem to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and optimize the user experience.


SAE EV Charging PKI Project

In the summer of 2019, industry engaged SAE International to research a solution to security and interoperability gaps for the emerging EV charging ecosystem.

In Fall 2019, SAE launched the SAE EV Charging Public Key Infrastructure project in SAE’s Cooperative Research Program. The Cooperative Research Program (CRP) brings industry together in a industry-led, pre-competitive research projects to solve emerging industry problems. SAE CRP projects develop solutions by industry for industry.

The project designed and tested an inclusive, protocol-neutral, worldwide EV charging industry PKI platform that is secure, trusted, scalable, interoperable, and extensible.  The final SAE EV PKI CRP deliverables were completed in January 2023.

View and download the Electric Vehicle Public Key Infrastructure (EVPKI) Program Overview

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