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SAE ITC Position Statements

The SAE ITC Health-Ready Components & Systems (HRCS) Consortiumâ„¢ intends to periodically issue broad policy recommendation statements. These statements represent the collective wisdom of our consortium membership and are intended to encourage thoughtful discussion on topics of strategic importance to industry which may impact the successful implementation of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) technology solutions. The current set of position statements include:

Operating Data Ownership (Click Here) 

Sophisticated components installed in modern vehicles can store and transmit large volumes of data regarding the operating condition of individual components, systems or the entire vehicle. This data is valuable for predictive and comparative purposes in a variety of contexts. This statement is intended to clarify the rightful owner of that operating data as well as elucidate some of the key issues relevant to this question.

Right to Repair (Click Here)

Modern vehicles produce large amounts of data and are becoming increasingly complicated to repair. Right to Repair refers to the ability of private repair shops and owners to access vehicle data and service information required to effectively repair and maintain these vehicles. This statement is intended to clarify the rights of independent repair shops and owners and to review key issues relevant to this question.