Testimonials HRCS


  Health-ready components on the 787 are enhancing fleet performance and enabling customer support efficiencies today.  This initiative has great potential.
Keith Sellers 787 Fleet Chief Engineer - Boeing
We really need better mechanisms like JA6268 to engage our supply base to bring IVHM into the mainstream.
Frank Kramer Technical Specialist - Airbus
We believe that the most effective path to full implementation of IVHM/PHM technology must include robust best practices for exchanging design and performance information with our supplier partners.
Barbara Leising Director of Global Aftersales Diagnostics & Electrical Engineering - General Motors
As a supplier of automotive electronics, I believe that IVHM technology will be critical to the ultimate success of autonomous vehicles and we look forward to further collaboration with the OEMs to advance that goal.
Andre Kleyner Global Reliability Engineering Leader - Aptiv
We believe having this standard will accelerate the implementation of health monitoring for the civil aviation industry.  This platform helps to decrease the costs for all involved and is a must-have for vendors when they move forward with widespread implementation.
David Piotrowski Senior Principal Engineer - Delta TechOps
As a developer and supplier of intelligent sensing systems, we look forward to unlocking the full potential of IVHM technology to serve as both a reporting and prognostic tool.  Designing health-ready components will help get us there faster.
James Garrett Vice President, Technology Development Division - Luna Innovations
  Etihad Airways believes that IVHM technology is already directly benefitting our customers and our operations.  This new standard takes aim at one of the leading barriers to faster, more cost-effective implementation of IVHM to further improve our performance.  We support it.
Bernhard Randerath VP Design, Engineering & Innovation - Etihad Airways