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About Probitas Authentication™


In December 1998, the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) was organized for the purpose of achieving significant improvements in quality and reductions in cost throughout the supply chain.  Created by SAE International®, the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), and the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC), IAQG serves companies through three sector groups in the Americas (AAQG), Europe (EAQG), and the Asia/Pacific region (APAQG).

The IAQG developed 9104, a global scheme for the use of assessment results performed by Certification Bodies (CBs), based on the 9100-series standards, including IAQG 9100 (Aviation, space and defense organizations), IAQG 9110 (Aviation maintenance organizations), and IAQG 9120 (Aviation, space and defense distributors).

For the Americas, the IAQG has established the Registration Management Committee (RMC) to manage the application and oversight of the Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) scheme.  The RMC approves, as appropriate, Auditor Authentication Bodies (AABs) that authenticate AQMS auditors.  Probitas Authentication™ is an RMC-recognized AAB and has been approved to authenticate AQMS auditors in accordance with the requirements of 9104-1 (requirements for certification program) and 9104-3 (auditor qualification and training requirements).

For each of the 9100-series standards, there are two levels of aerospace auditor grades that are defined:

  • Aerospace Auditor (AA) recognizes the individual has met the requirements to participate in an Aerospace Audit to the qualified scheme as part of an audit team and under the guidance of an Aerospace Experienced Auditor (AEA).

  • Aerospace Experienced Auditor (AEA) recognizes the individual has met the requirements to lead an Aerospace Audit to the qualified scheme as a lead auditor.

The RMC has also recognized Probitas Authentication as an approved Training Provider Approval Body (TPAB).  As a TPAB, Probitas Authentication has a responsibility to ensure that only those courses containing the certification scheme's body of knowledge requirements and demonstrating the training provider's effective administration are awarded certification.  The overall purpose of certifying training course content is to verify that minimum body of knowledge requirements are met, and that training provider administration practices are developed, implemented, maintained, and documented in accordance with the certification requirements.


Probitas Authentication is committed to customer service, thoroughness, accuracy, integrity and continuous improvement:

  • It is our goal to be the provider of choice by exceeding the expectations of our customers, being responsive to requests and timely in our responses, and add value beyond the direct service being provided.

  • It is our goal to be detail-oriented, free from mistakes and errors, and precise in our conclusions.

  • It is our goal to be fair and honest, unencumbered by bias, and intent on providing equal opportunities for success.

  • It is our goal to ensure all decisions are based on accepted industry standards and approved practices.

  • It is our goal to remain committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our business and quality management systems.

The business operating practices of Probitas Authentication conform to ISO/IEC 17024: 2012 Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons.  This international standard was developed with the objective of achieving and promoting a globally accepted benchmark for organizations operating certification of individuals.


Probitas Authentication authenticates AQMS auditors and reviews and approves AQMS training course content for the following IAQG standards:

  • IAQG 9100: Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations

  • IAQG 9110: Quality Management Systems for Aviation Maintenance Organizations

  • IAQG 9120: Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributors

Probitas Authentication has also partnered with the Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality (AESQ) Strategy Group™ to be the independent third party tasked with issuing certificates for Delegated Product Release Verification (DPRV) personnel, and maintaining each individual's ongoing credentials and record against the requirements of AS13001A, DPRV Training Requirements.




Has Probitas Authentication been approved by the IAQG as a Training Provider Approval Body (TPAB)?

Yes. IAQG approved Training Provider Approval Bodies are identified on the OASIS under Training Provider Approval Bodies.

What is Probitas Authentication?

Probitas Authentication is an IAQG recognized Auditor Authentication Body (AAB) and Training Provider Approval Body (TPAB). Probitas Authentication is a legal and separate company operating as an Industry Program under the aegis of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia, a SAE International Affiliate organization. Probitas Authentication provides the service of certifying or approving persons (i.e., auditors) against specific certification scheme requirements (i.e. AQMS auditors- AS9104/3). In addition, Probitas Authentication provides the service of conducting the review and approval of training course content and training provider administration against the specific sector requirements (i.e. training courses for AQMS auditors-AS9104/3).

What is the general application process to becoming an approved Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) Training Provider?

Training Providers can begin the process by reviewing the following documents; AQMS Training Provider Approval Requirements and AQMS Course Requirements from the Training Provider section of this website. You will then create an account for your company, including a primary contact person. You can then download and complete the AQMS Training Provider Application and AQMS Course Application. Once completed, you will submit the applications along with the supporting documentation. Once we receive all documents, Probitas Authentication will invoice your company for the application reviews. The approval process includes a formal review of your application, supporting documents, and other relevant information. In addition, we will conduct an office audit of your administrative practices. If you meet the certification scheme criteria, Probitas Authentication will make a recommendation to the AAQG Registration Management Committee (RMC) for your recognition as a Training Provider. You will then be listed in the OASIS as an approved and IAQG recognized Training Provider. Probitas Authentication will then conduct a classroom observation as part of the final approval process.

Can my company apply for approval for more than 1 course at the time of application?

Yes. You will need to contact Probitas Authentication to discuss pricing options.

Where can I find the certification scheme requirements?

You may download the AQMS Training Provider Approval Requirements and AQMS Course Requirements documents for this information, or you may find it in the aerospace standard AS9104/3.

Once my company become a recognized Training Provider, what are the requirements to certification?

Probitas Authentication will conduct an administrative office audit of AQMS Training Providers every two years. Training courses are subject to an annual observation.

What are the fees?

Probitas Authentication has established the following fee structure:




New AQMS Training Provider + 1 Course


Prior to application review

Annual Maintenance of TP Certification



New AQMS Course Approval


Prior to application review

Annual Maintenance of Course Certification



What is a “certification scheme”?

Certification scheme refers to the aerospace standard that you are seeking approval for. The training provider and course requirements are described in the AQMS Training Provider Approval Requirements and the applicable AQMS Course Requirements. Training courses are approved independently for each recognized course. While only a single training provider approval and recognition is required, training providers may seek approval for any and all courses.

What courses can my company seek approval for?

Training providers can seek approval for the following IAQG recognized courses:

  • AS9100 Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT)

  • AQMS AS9100 Standard Auditor Course

  • AS9100 Aerospace Industry Specific Training Course

  • AS9120 Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT)

  • AS9110 Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT)

  • AQMS AS9110 Standard Auditor Course

  • AS9110 AQMS Foundation Course

How will I know what the status of my application is?

You will be regularly notified of your application progress. Probitas Authentication will send you an email each time your application status is changed and includes the following application approval milestones:



Probitas Initial Review

This indicates that you have successfully submitted your application and the formal approval process has been initiated and is ongoing.

Request for Additional Information

This indicates that additional information is being requested.

Office Audit

This indicates that we are coordinating the office audit.

RMC Review

This indicates that your application has been submitted to the AAQG RMC for recognition.

Probitas Final Review

This indicates that your application has been approved by Probitas and endorsed by the RMC and Probitas is completing the final administrative requirements.

If my application is rejected, can I re-apply?

Yes, you have 1 other opportunity to re-apply without being required to submit another application fee.

If I am rejected on my re-application, can I appeal the decision?

Yes, you may file a formal appeal to this decision. For information related to the Appeals process, please review Appeals in the Resources tab.