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About AS7489™ ACAS

In 2017 SAE International published a specification designated as AS7489™  Standard Requirements for Aerospace Organic Coatings Applicator Certification. The intent of this document is to provide formal guidelines for training organizations and certification agencies to train, as well as to certify, technical personnel working directly within the aviation coatings discipline. As such, AS7489™ is the global and industry-recognized authority by which aircraft painters and related personnel achieve a technical certification in their specific craft.

The AS7489™ standard establishes requirements for training, examination, and certification of aerospace coatings application personnel applying liquid organic coatings to interior structural or exterior substrates. It establishes criteria for the certification of personnel requiring appropriate knowledge of the technical principles underlying aircraft surface preparation and coatings application for both protective and decorative purposes. Persons certified under this document will receive documentation of certification by a Certifying Agency.

Persons who successfully complete the requirements of the AS7489™ standard and achieve Aerospace Coatings Applicator Specialists (ACAS) Certification are considered to be able to successfully and consistently perform a broad spectrum of aerospace coatings application tasks to achieve the desired engineering purposes. This certification is not intended to determine or replace any aerospace coating operation’s proprietary engineering for the depainting, preparation, or subsequent application of organic coatings materials to aircraft surfaces.


The following definitions are relevant to understanding this certification program:

ACAS: Aerospace Coatings Applicator Specialist


Aerospace Coatings Applicator: An individual who prepares aircraft substrates (both chemically and physically) for organic coatings application, applies chemical treatments or depainting agents for coatings removal, and applies organic coatings to the interior and/or exterior of the: airframe, aircraft subassemblies, power plant components requiring coatings, aircraft fasteners and aircraft interiors requiring liquid organic coatings.


Certification: Written testimony by an accredited Certifying Agency that the individual has met the requirements of the accepted standard.


Training: The program developed to impart the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the certification standard.


Qualification: Demonstrated skill, training, knowledge, and experience required for personnel to properly perform the duties of a specific job.


Certifying Agency: Certifying Agency shall be a legal business entity that has responsibility for administering the certification program and issuing certificates to individuals successfully meeting the requisites in this document.


Academic Training Provider: The legal business entity that has the responsibility of creating and administering academic events designed to educate or train individuals to achieve the learning outcomes specified within this document.


Instructor: An individual that meets the requirements of the Academic Training Provider and has the necessary skills and knowledge to plan, organize, and present classroom, laboratory, or on-the-job training programs of instruction in accordance with approved course outlines. Who also is thoroughly knowledgeable with the theory and practical applications of all aerospace coatings applications as utilized by the aircraft and space transportation industry.

Certification Requirements

ACAS Certification Level

Training Course Approved by a
Certifying Agency

Written Exam

Practical Exam

Relevant Work Experience

ACAS Level I

Course 1 (Academic)





Course 2 (Academic)



1 Year


Course 3 (Academic)



2 Years


Course 4 (Academic)



2 Years

ACAS Level V

Course 5 (Academic)



3 Years


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