Probitas, ASPQP

About ASPQP Mandated Bodies

The Aerospace Standards Part Qualification Programâ„¢ (ASPQP) is a Certification Authority for implementing a system for the qualification of standard products for aviation, space, and defense applications. ASPQP defines the principles that shall be adhered to when carrying out product qualification; applied in conjunction with the rules and procedures of the ASPQP. The system enables the ASPQP to confirm compliance is achieved and maintained, in accordance with the requirements of its product definition and the associated controlling technical specifications.

For the purposes of this program, a Mandated Body is an individual approved by the Certifying Agency (ASPQP) based on their knowledge and experience as an industry Subject Matter Expert (SME), to act as agent on behalf of the ASPQP.  Mandated Bodies are tasked with the assessment of an Original Component Manufacture to ensure its products are in compliance to applicable controlling product standards and technical specifications.

Probitas Authentication is the 3rd party personnel credentialing body to manage the new Mandated Body application process to ensure the Mandated Body applicant possesses minimum requirements related to knowledge and experience.   

For more information about Mandated Body qualification requirements, including information on how to become an approved ASPQP Mandated Body, please contact the ASPQP Program Manager Geraint Williams

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