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J3300 Driving Skills

SAE J3300 Driving Skills Program Overview

SAE J3300 is intended to establish a procedure to certify the fundamental driving skill levels of professional drivers.  This certification can be used by the individual driver to qualify their skills when seeking employment or other professional activity. These certification levels may also be used by test facilities or other organizations when seeking test or professional drivers of various skills.

The associated family of documents listed below establish driving skill criteria for various specific categories – with the possibility to create further endorsements in the future.

  • SAE J3300 Driving Levels (DL1 - DL4)
  • SAE J3300-1 Low Mu / Winter Driving (LM2 - LM4)
  • SAE J3300-2 Trailer Towing (TT1-L, TT1-H, TT3-L, TT3-H)
  • SAE J3300-3 Automated Driving Systems

The SAE J3300 main document provides:

  • Common definitions and general guidance for using this family of documents
  • Directions for obtaining certification through Probitas Authentication®
  • The Foundational Driving Levels Examination requirements

Probitas Authentication is designated as the Personnel Credentialing Body for the SAE J3300 Driving Skill Certification.  The criteria that is addressed through the certification:

  • Safety – Demonstrate ability to maneuver test vehicle without striking objects in the operating environment
  • Control – Demonstrate appropriate level of smoothness and vehicle control
  • Consistency – Demonstrate ability to repeat consistently
  • Pace – Demonstrate appropriate and consistent level of pace
  • Behavior / attitude – Demonstrate sound judgment and self-control

SAE J3300 includes multiple levels of certification based on the type of driving and vehicle operations, as well as Endorsements for specialty applications such as trailer towing, operating in extreme low-grip conditions such as snow, and operating automated vehicles. Basic car control skills are assessed through the

Foundational Driving Levels certification process. In most cases, Foundational Driving Level certification is a prerequisite for Endorsement certification. 

All certifications will involve objective Pass/Fail criteria and will be administered by SAE approved Examiners to ensure the integrity and consistency of the certification. In addition to initial Certification requirements, each driving skill Certification requires Annual Maintenance to remain valid.

SAE J3300 Certified Facilities and Examiners

The document below contains a list of Facilities and Examiners that have been certified to deliver SAE J3300 Driving Skills testing services:

Certified Facilities and Examiners

Resources for SAE J3300 Driving Skills

SAE J3300 Testing Criteria, Prerequisites, Maintenance, and Recertification requirements by Level

This document is the Annual Code of Conduct and Declarations.  On an annual basis, please complete and send to

SAE J3300 Driving Skills Annual Declaration and Code of Conduct

This document contains the required testing criteria and prerequisite requirements, along with requirements for certification maintenance. 

SAE J3300 Driving Level Examination Testing Summary

This document contains driving skills examination information related to the types of testing, types of maneuvers, and vehicles operated for each driving level. 

SAE J3300 Driving Skills Fact Sheet

This document contains an overview of the J3300 Driving Skills certification program that can be downloaded and shared.

SAE J3300 Driving Skills Application

This link will take you to the J3300 Driving Skills application website. After creating an account, you can begin the application process. For inquiries and questions about the application and certification processes, including available testing facilities and contacts, please contact Probitas Authentication staff at

Resources for Individuals and Organizations Seeking Certification to Administer SAE J3300 Driving Skills Certification Testing

To administer SAE J3300 Driving Skills testing services, individuals must be certified as a SAE J3300 Examiner. A SAE J3300 Examiner is accredited and authorized to administer SAE J3300 certification testing. SAE J3300 Examiners are responsible for providing test facilities, vehicles, and equipment necessary to conduct certification testing. Driving facilities may wish to conduct testing services for their employees and contract drivers. In addition, some facilities may want to offer public testing services as a revenue generating program. 

SAE J3300 Examiner Certification FAQ

For organizations wanting to have their facility certified and for individuals desiring to become a certified Examiner, this document contains information about the certification process and associated fees. 

SAE J3300 Examiner Application 

This document is the SAE J3300 Examiner application. Individuals or organizations are required to complete this document. Once this document is submitted and reviewed, the J3300 Lead Certifier will contact you.