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SAE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Technician Certification

SAE International, the world's leading authority in mobility standards development, has produced a certification program to establish and verify the skills and knowledge of technicians who maintain, repair, and operate Electric Vehicle charging stations. The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Technician Certification will be granted to technicians who have successfully completed a comprehensive training program and passed a rigorous exam administered by SAE ITC Probitas Authentication.

The EVSE Technician Certification will expand the workforce that ensures a reliable charging experience for EV drivers and help advance the adoption of electric vehicles.

For Professionals looking to become SAE Certified EVSE Field Technicians 

SAE International has collaborated with leading EV Charging Equipment providers to create an industry-verified certification program for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Field Technicians. This certification is an integral part of demonstrating mastery of your capabilities, bestowing upon you a distinct competitive edge within your industry. Preferred by manufacturers and charge point operators alike, certified field technicians exhibit superior readiness to solve the maintenance and operations problems associated with EV charging infrastructure, thus ensuring its dependability and efficiency. 

For those embarking on a career transition without prior field experience, explore the comprehensive training options available by clicking here. Alternatively, if you already have experience and want more information on the certification and examination, please complete this form to access the Body of Knowledge that outlines the requisite knowledge, skills, and training standards that have been defined by the industry as necessary for successful employment in this field.  

EVSE Field Technician Certification Body of Knowledge

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Field Technician Certification Body of Knowledge (BOK) defines the pre-requisite training, knowledge, and skills needed to effectively perform the role of a field technician responsible for the commissioning, maintenance, and repair of EVSE. This BOK was developed by an SAE International led panel of subject matter experts from a wide range of EVSE-associated industries.

This report is published by SAE to advance the state of technical and engineering sciences. The use of this report is entirely voluntary, and its applicability and suitability for any particular use, including any patent infringement arising therefrom, is the sole responsibility of the user. 

Training Providers

If you would like information on how to become a recognized training provider for this certification program, please contact

Exam Security and Candidate Agreement

Probitas Authentication and SAE International take the security of its certification exams seriously and requires all candidates to accept the terms of a Candidate Agreement. By accepting these agreements, candidates agree to the terms and conditions of the SAE EVSE Technician Certification Program, by maintaining the confidentiality of the content of all exams.

Exam Delivery Methods

SAE International currently supports exam delivery through three mechanisms:

  1. Test Center based delivery through Pearson VUE’s worldwide network of testing centers.
  2. OnVUE online proctoring allows you to sit the exam at your convenience at a suitable non test center location, while being watched by a remote invigilator through your webcam. Read more about OnVUE to learn about the process and decide if OnVUE is right for you.

Note: Writing utensils and paper are not allowed during OnVUE exams, but you will have the option to use the inbuilt OnVUE Whiteboard feature while taking the exam online.

If you are uncomfortable with any of the OnVUE requirements, we recommend you schedule an in-person exam at a Pearson VUE Test Center.

Additional Information

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