WMC/PIN, Frequently Asked Questions

WMC/PIN, Frequently Asked Questions


Why was the WMC/PIN™ program established?

To address the void that was created in 2005 when NHTSA clarified that off-road vehicles (ORVs) were outside its regulatory jurisdiction, SAE ITC® established an ISO-compatible Product Identification Number (PIN) system for ORVs.

What is the PIN system?

The PIN system provides ORV manufacturers a standardized system for the assignment of a full 17-digit PIN. Under this system, SAE ITC will assign the World Manufacturers Code (WMC) of the PIN. In addition to assigning the designated portion of the PIN, SAE ITC also offers a database product containing decoding information for this new PIN system.

Is the PIN the same as a VIN for an on-road vehicle?

The WMC/PIN is a sister program that was established with the ORV manufacturers to provide an ISO-compatible WMC that is consistent with and takes the place of the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) of the 17-character VIN. By taking this approach of mirroring the VIN standard, the PIN system allows ORV manufacturers and dealers to benefit from all of the VIN-driven technology that has already been developed for marketing, sales, finance and insurance of on-road vehicles.

Who needs the system?

ORV manufacturers.

Why do manufacturers need it?

Most states impose reporting requirements on off-road recreation vehicles for identification purposes such as registration. Additionally, insurance companies and financial institutions require identification numbers for crime and theft investigation and financing requirements. For continued sales in these states, manufacturers must provide unique codes for these vehicles.

Any other reasons for it?

Because so much of the sale and resale of off-road vehicles now takes place online, the PIN system provides a seamless platform for ORV inventory management and promotion on a myriad of retail websites and portals. Unique vehicle identification ensures an efficient marketplace that keeps residual values high on ORVs for OEMs, dealers and owners.

How do manufacturers start using the PIN system?

Complete an application and submit with $1,000 fee. After processing and WMC assignment, they will receive written confirmation and instructions for using the PIN system. The initial $1,000 is for the application processing and WMC assignment. To keep the WMC active, payment of an annual fee of $500 is required. Invoices are sent as renewals are approaching.

What if we have additional questions?

Further questions and completed applications should be directed to the WMC Coordinator, Kristine Siddall (E-mail: kristine.siddall@sae.org).