Benefits Resources - Benefits of SAE ITC®, Strategy & Operations

Benefits of SAE ITC®, Strategy & Operations

SAE ITC offers a full suite of strategic and operational resources for consortia and other programs to quickly organize around key industry challenges and opportunities. Leveraging SAE ITC’s dedicated, experienced staff and access to the larger SAE group resources and relationships will allow any new or existing collaborative venture to improve the speed of technology adoption and cost-effectively accelerate desired changes in industry. SAE ITC’s programs are unique communities set up to work on important initiatives that positively impact their specific industries.

Proven tools, processes and platforms allow consortia to get up to speed quickly without reinventing the wheel.

  • Expertise in aerospace, automotive and highly engineered industries
  • Executive leadership to help drive industry participation
  • Strategic planning support
  • Training development
  • Trained technical facilitators
  • Proven project management expertise

Launch Initiative

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