Data Transformation ExchangeWell

ExchangeWell Workstream 1

Digital Data Transformation

Digital Transformation from Paper/PDF to Digital Documents

  • Planning for and leveraging the transition to digital documents, including digital standards.
  • A key enabler for digital thread/digital twin and related initiatives.

Prepare for Digital Documents Knowledge Capture

  • Improve discoverability, searchability, and application of data.
  • Increase interoperability, reduce labor costs, and improve system efficiencies.
  • Prep to train and leverage AI/ML to extract data and learn from data locked in applications and systems.
  • Maintain security and ownership.


Many of today’s initiatives require improved access to data. However, much organizational data resides in multiple systems and multiple documents in various formats from numerous organizations for multiple purposes, ranging from design, certification, testing, regulatory, and more. Accessing these data sources is a challenge for many end-users.

AI, ML, NLP and more – organizations want to take advantage of these strategies to maximize business value, but too often they discover that they are not ready to take advantage of these new technologies because they are unable to locate target data, or the necessary data is inaccessible as unstructured content.

Once the many required steps of preparing data for use for various AI/ML/NLP applications has been completed, data can more easily shared internally and externally with other supply chain participants using networks meeting the requirements set by the data owners.

Next Steps: Improved extraction and use of unstructured data

  • ExchangeWell is researching and documenting challenges accessing unstructured data in all phases of the Integrated Product Lifecycle, especially maintenance and repair.
  • Deliverables slated for production include tools and whitepapers to assist with planning for and leveraging the transition to digital documents, including digital standards, digital thread/digital twin, and related initiatives.
  • If your organization is interested to participate in these areas of research, please contact us!

Groundbreaking Approaches to a New Digital Standards Systems

SAE ITC and SAE International are doing groundbreaking work in the development of a new digital standards system. A recent whitepaper lays out the approaches.

“Historically, standards were developed with the intention of being provided in print. This has changed with the evolution of new electronic formats, with most standards available in PDF or EPUB. While progressive at the time, these formats are now proving inadequate due to their optimization for readability by the human eye versus consumption by electronic endpoints.”

Click the link below to learn more about the groundbreaking work underway at SAE International and SAE ITC.