Our Work ExchangeWell

Our Work and Collaborative Approach

The ExchangeWell program enables digital transformation and data-driven results through collaboration and smart data management to help stakeholders with a shared vision through projects, workgroups, and consortia programs for air, space, land, sea, and systems which span multiple industry sectors.

We are part of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC), a family of global consortia programs that connect and collaborate in neutral, pre-competitive forums.

ExchangeWell participants develop and document best practices for data management to influence the direction of digital transformation technologies, including:

  • digital documents
  • digital standards, registries, exchanges, marketplaces
  • associated tools, including technical requirements, implementation guidance, governance, protocols and more.

New models for trusted data sharing and commercial exchange

ExchangeWell is on the leading edge of research developing models to help data owners and algorithm developers collaborate to define and form private or public blockchain based digital data marketplaces enabling members to design and operate in the model that fits their community developed vision.

Data assets can be commercialized for sale or freely shared – it is up to the stakeholders to decide governance, rules of exchange, data protection, and revenue models.

How does ExchangeWell work?

ExchangeWell conducts its work in ideation phases, providing a lightweight stakeholder-centric evaluation framework to assess potential opportunities, identify, and convene resources, and collaborate to help ideas move forward.

Identification: It all begins with a person, an idea, and a desire to solve a sector and industry-focused challenge or leverage an opportunity. An idea is brought to ExchangeWell and SAE ITC to assess a potential fit relative to our mission, vision, resources, and the broader interests of target stakeholders.

Phase 1 Learning and Evaluation: Ideas are discussed, initial research conducted, and potential participants, end-users, and other stakeholders are identified.

Phase 2 Plan development: If there is a fit between stakeholder vision, mission, and goals, a new project is established and moves through a plan with facilitation, guidance, and subject matter expertise. The project runs through a research and development continuum, to reach the desired outcomes as set by the project participants.

Phase 3 and beyond: A project may conclude or evolve into a standing program or consortium – it all depends on the vision, mission, and goals of the activity, its participants, and stakeholders.


ExchangeWell Rapid Discovery & Ideation Process


What expertise, resources and services do ExchangeWell and SAE ITC provide?

We provide a neutral, legal framework for organizations (public, private, government, and academic) to convene and solve technical challenges and create new market opportunities, locally and globally, on a pre-competitive basis.

We provide a comprehensive legal framework for pre-competitive collaboration along with a full suite of strategic and operational services; SAE ITC can help a new or existing program or consortia quickly impact their industry.